Friday, 7 November 2014

Life Is Too Darn Short

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On and off so far in 2014 I have not been enjoying life so much especially where my 9 till 5 job is concerned.  I have been in my job for nearly nine years and I’m increasingly have the feeling I want to move on.  A change.  I’m just not happy and I’m suffering from bouts of stress and anxiety - where I literally will come home from work and cry into my pillow.

I don’t have issues with the people I work with, I’m quite close to them and we have a laugh.  But things have changed over time.  How the company I work for is run, contracts for example.  I have gradually been feeling more like a sponge, where I am meant to take on more and more work...and for what?? I don’t get paid any more, there is no reward for it and I get no enjoyment out of it - so what is my incentive to keep going?  I feel a job should not make you feel this way.  We work to live, not live to work.

Back in the summer I heard the heartbreaking story of  Brittany Maynard.  Stunningly beautiful, 29, a newly wed - her whole life in front of her.  However early this year she was told she was suffering from terminal brain cancer and would only live for approximately six months.  I saw her six minute video on YouTube and was in tears by the end of it.  Tragic does not express my opinion enough. 

Sadly on November 1st Brittany passed away.

The world is a cruel place to take her away at such a young age.  She was only exactly 11 months younger than myself and that struck a chord with me.  From Brittany’s tragedy I feel like I have come to an understanding about life.  I always say this expression to my friends but now I come to think about it – I don’t seem to listen to my own advice.

Life is far too short.

I feel the loss of Brittany is a wake up call for me, almost a nudge telling me to sort myself out.  I have never met her but I feel inspired by her and her words (the above picture is a quote from her). We are only on this little blue planet for a short time and we must make every day count.  You never know when the ride will finish.

RIP Brittany



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