Monday, 3 November 2014

#FitGirlsGuide - Thoughts so far

If you did not know I started the 28 Day Jump Start Challenge with the Fit Girls Guide last week.  I made a little announcement video on my YouTube channel (yes I have a channel...did we not know this???) Link HERE.

I thought I'd give a little mini review of my thoughts so far... one week in.  I will do a full review when I finish the 28 day challenge on November 23rd.

So my thoughts on the guide??  Lets start with the PROS.  Number one....

The shopping list page with all the ingredients is soooooo helpful.  You can literally take this page to Tesco and do the weekly shop.  So handy, I love it.  It also tells you how much you need.  Very handy indeed.  Saves you buying too much or too little.

PRO Two.

The prepping.  I loved the prepping of the food, especially the Overnight Oats.  You can literally whip out your Tupperware from the fridge in the AM and be on your merry way.  No worrying needed.  The dinners also take no time at all the prepare and cook.  Really good when you're hungry.

PRO three.

How/What/When to do everything.  There are exercise and food pictures showing what meals should look like and how to do your exercise moves.  How to cook everything step by step with measurements.  All the hard work is done for you....pretty much.

So with the PROS comes the CONS.  Here goes...

CON one.

The guide is informative and interesting to say the least but also annoying.  There are lots and lots and LOTS of pages.  I think some are only put there to fill the space.  Because I'm sad I plan to go through my printout to count how many pointless pages there are.  Sad I know but I am a loser.

CON Two.

There is lots of reading, which I don't mind but I'm the kind of girl who loves straight to the point instructions.  Bullet points almost, not lots of waffling around with pointless stuff.  The guide does contain some pointless waffling sadly, which can be cute and also interesting.  But it can also be boring.  I feel like I didn't get all the important info I needed due to being overloaded with info that didn't really matter that much.  Further explanation will follow below.

CONS Three and four....

Page numbers and an index would be most helpful.  I feel like I'm constantly flicking to find stuff. Back and forth like an annoying yo-yo.  If an index and pages numbers were used It'd be beneficial and time saving.

And finally a mini roundup of the results so far.  Weight loss...a BIG FAT ZERO!  I admit I didn't complete the exercise potions like you are meant to.  I did not realise I was meant to do 30 minutes daily, until I saw fellow FitGirls on Instagram uploading pictures of themselves working out.  I think I missed that part of the guide out completely due to trying to skip the waffling.  See I told you...lots and lots of pages.  However I did not cheat on any of the days, so to not get any weight loss was slightly frustrating.

Anyway, I'm going to solider on through the guide to week two which will be fun and different as there is new food to eat.  Plus it is early days.

Stay tuned for more updates.




  1. It is great what you're doing. Congrats!!! Do you have any link where I can download the book?

    1. The link to buy the ebook is this..


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