Thursday, 11 December 2014

Be a little more giving

I feel like I need to write a small post today, a pointless post which no doubt will probably mean nothing to some.  I just feel I need to vent out some anger.  Some people have stress balls or hit punch bags to vent out their frustrations but today I’m choosing to write mine.

Since when did the world become so selfish?  I feel like no one is a team player, likes to help and get involved any longer.  All they look out for is number one.  Looking out for number one is fine and perfectly normal, we all do it and I do too.  However it is cruel to let other people deal with all the dilemma while they sit and do nothing and almost get off on it.

I just feels like no cares to get involved and it baffles me.  Who do they think deals with anything...a fairy with glittery wings?  Erm nooooo.  If someone gets hurt in the street, it takes someone with initiative and courage to stand up and step in.  If everyone put their head in the sand and waved their arses in the air soldiers in the battlefields wouldn’t be saved by their comrades.

People need to start to give a little more... do at least one thing that is unselfish everyday.  It will mean the world to that person (or animal) and you never know you might actually feel good about it yourself for doing some good.

Give up your seat on the train
Adopt an animal
Give your spare change to a homeless person
Make a donation to a charity
Give blood and join the organ donation list

They don’t have to be or need to be earth moving gestures, but just something even if it is holding a door open will make a difference to someones day or life.

We should all give it a little thought.



  1. I think we live in a very selfish world now, we are all under so much more pressure and stress it still doesn't excuse it though. Even I know I can have my times when I realise I am probably being a bit too selfish and give myself a little talking too. xx

    1. I think everyone is guilty of it... Xx


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