Monday, 1 December 2014

Whole Foods

I lost my virginity and it was an experience... An exciting one that was left far too long. Perhaps you think I'm sharing too much info but we're friends right??  However I didn't lose THAT virginity.  I went to Whole Foods for the first time ... ever!! got excited over that???

Yes ... I am excited that I have stepped over the threshold of Whole Foods Piccadilly Circus. I know some of you might I'm a bit crazy to get excited about a supermarket / grocery store, But he's the thing...  UK supermarkets are boring and are just a bit meh.  I felt the same excited feeling when I stepped in to Trader Joe's in Chicago for the first time - happy.  It's something new I suppose but it's also how everything in the store looked.  Fresh.

The thing with UK supermarkets there are so many rules.  Must cover it with packaging, is the length and diameter of the cucumber correct, are the peppers the right shade of red or are the carrots too bent.  Do standard agencies know they taste the same regardless of the length or if it's bent?  

Everything in Trader Joe's and Whole Foods looked like they were in the fields 5 minutes earlier.  Plus it was a nice feeling to see and touch the food.  No packaging...I'm a big recycler and I hate that the UK have soooo much packaging for their foods.  I love and prefer the green grocer a paper bag...not sitting on the polyethylene tray shrink wrapped in two layers of plastic.  Is it necessary?

I like to hope UK supermarkets notice the popularity in places like Whole Foods, and perhaps rethink their ways.  Even Aldi and Lidi don't have that much packaging which is a start I guess.



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