Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Books I Read on Holiday

I usually have to be in the mood for a bit of reading so a 10 day break is the perfect opportunity to give my brain a fiction work out.  Now don't worry they'll be no spoilers in this post,  just a mini review.

Firstly we have S J Watson - Before I Go To Sleep.  Recognise the title?  This recently hit the silver screen with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth playing the leads in this awesome thriller.

This is my second time reading this as wanted to refresh myself before going to the cinema to watch it on the big screen. Plus I knew I'd enjoy it on holiday as I'd already read it and loved it. I just didn't fancy a girly romantic novel...  I wanted more grit.

I'm not normally a thriller kind of girl but this book certainly keeps you on your toes and glued to it.  You just want to keep reading to find out what happens with Christine (the main mentally unstable character) and her husband plus the cute doctor.  There are  lots of unexpected twists that will make you gasp with shock.

The second book I read which I found abandoned in the reading nook of the hotel was The Food For Love Cookery School by Nicky Pellegrino.  To find out if I like a book, I usually read the first two pages to see if I can instantly 'get into it'.  This I did.

From the very beginning you feel part of the story,  the characters talk to you directly which is a nice touch. There are also some laugh out loud moments and there are some predictable parts to this cute story. I wizzed through this (pretty unheard of for me). 

I very much loved both SJ and Nickys writing skills and would gladly read more of their books.

You can pick up your own copies from HERE (S J Watson) and HERE (Nicky Pellegrino).
What’s your perfect holiday read?

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