Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Clown Pants and Kimonos

I'll start this post by mentioning the obvious.  I have no idea at all what the official name for this style of trouser is.  I keep referring to them as clown pants and it's kind of stuck in my mind now.

So moving on... kimonos and clown pants are a big thing right now... they are everywhere.  I thought they would not suit me and would engulf my frame and height.  However sometimes you need to bite the bullet and be brave.  Got for it!

I wouldn't say I was the most fashionable girl on the streets of Skiathos town in these pictures but I like the clash of patterns.  I would never usually do that... but here it works.  Well I think so anyway.

Kimono | Primark - no online store.
Clown Trousers | Primark - again no hiss!
Black Vest | Marks and Spencer - Link here

This outfit has proved to me it is good to mix up patterns and to be daring.  You just never know it might just work for you.


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