Tuesday, 9 October 2012

So long farewell - Empties #5

This month I thought I was going to skip my empties. I was thinking I didn't have enough to count as a big collection for a post or video.

Well I was wrong... I have done well again, not like previous months but I did good.  Look at me giving myself praise!  So what have I used up?

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish ~  My everyday face wash without fail!  Gets rid of every bit of dirt and grime including waterproof mascara.  I love it!  I have purchased more already.  My only annoyance is you cannot buy it on the high street.

Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Gel ~ This is my second can of this and I cannot get enough.  I love it.  A gel which magically transforms into a soapy lathe which smells divine   A small amount goes a long way and the can lasts for ages.  I thank Glossy Box for introducing us.  See my review here.

Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day ~ I do like this but as I seem to wash my hair 5 days a week (I'm a gym-aholic if you're wondering) this tube only lasted five minutes.  It smells great and leaves the hair very shiny and nourished.  But I wouldn't buy it again except for a special treat.

Eucerin Intensive Foot Cream ~ As I have dry feet this works wonders.  Apply it to clean feet then put on cotton socks and go to bed and you'll wake up with a amazingly soft feet. The tube is a little small for my liking.  But it's still something I'd repurchase.

Johnson's and Simple Face Wipes ~ As these are facial wipes I thought I'd collaborate them as there is not much I can say... they are face wipes after all.  They remove makeup and are handy if you feeling a little lazy to get up and go to the bathroom sink to use the Liz Earle.  Also great for the gym bag!  I will say though the Simple ones are oil balancing....I saw no differences to the Johnson's ones....weird?!

Radox Muscle Soak ~  After the gym and I ache like hell I do like a good old Radox bubble bath.  Pretty inexpensive this has always been a favourite as Radox has been around forever.  I've repurchased numerous times.  You could probably pick it up in the 99p shop.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement ~ I do love Bobbi Brown I think her skin care items are great and I love her hydrating eye cream.  You can certainly feel and see a difference when you use this.  A little expensive but it's Bobbi...she's a legend.  I'd be interesting in trying other serums but just don't know what to pick!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir ~ There are billions of reviews of this stuff and I was reading them and not bating an eye lid until one day I caved.  I can see why people love it.  It refreshes and makes pores smaller....whats not to love?

Angela xox

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