Sunday, 7 October 2012

September Favourites

Yes I'm slightly late but hey, you don't mind do you?  I'm always fashionably late.  Looking back on my blog I feel like it's been forever since I did a favourites post.  I've been all about the empties - which I do have a post on route for you.  Go me!

Practically every item I mention here does have an individual review on, with the exception of some.

Clarins Ever Matte ~ I had to mention this really, it was a must.  Ever since I bought this I have felt the urge to ditch all my other foundations.  I think this is the best foundation I have ever come across.  It has become my new and only bestest friend.  I have a full review here.

TopShop Nail Polish in Pool Party ~ A fun, bright colour I don't think this is a just for summer colour.  For a £5 polish the application is amazing.  You could easily get away with my coat.  And the lasting power is exceptional too!  Swatches here!

Stila Eyeshadow in Sun ~  I've had this lurking around for sometime but never tend to reach for it.  But I felt like I needed an eye catching shadow and opposed to usually reaching for Kitten I opted for this instead. Very neutral's perfect for an all over the lid look, especially on a lazy makeup day.

MeMeMe Boho Balm in Pink Rouge ~ I took to Jersey with me and used it everyday.  As you can see from the below picture it is getting a lot of attention as it's a bit yucky looking.  I love the pink for the cheeks.  It gives a beautiful flush almost like a natural glow.  I have used the red/coral on my lips too which looks stunning.  See my review and swatches here.

TopShop Cheek Duo Dessert Sun ~  Soon to become a favourite blush this is a subtle colour.  It looks big and bold in the pan but trust me when I say it's much more delicate than it looks. If you want to see swatches see my review here.

MeMeMe Pink Rouge, TopShop Dessert Sun and Stila's Sun 

I have a few more favourites which I like to call tools...

Caudalie Beauty Elixir ~ A cult favourite and I can see why.  This just makes me feel good when I spritz it on my face.  It refreshes and makes pores smaller and it's a small bottle which you can take anywhere!

Real Technique Buffing and Contour Brushes ~ Part of the Core set I don't think I've really put these down lately.  The buffing brush is perfect for applying my Clarins, it buffs it in perfectly with no streaking.  For flawless foundation application I'd buy the set just for the buffing brush.  Now the contour brush is what I've been using to apply my MeMeMe cream blush,  it's the perfect size and so soft it makes applying cream blush effortless.  I totally recommend the Core Set.

Shu Uemera Eye Lash Curlers ~  I never used to be that fussed about curling my lashes but now I own the cult favourite eye lash curler I just cannot stop myself from curling every morning.  My curl does fall out slightly but that's probably my lashes or maybe my mascara not helping.... I'm not sure.  I think I need some eye lash curling tips.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites.  Also I hope you're having a good October so far!

Angela xox



  1. I love the look of the Topshop nail varnish, I'm loving wearing brights right now x

  2. Hey! Completely love the topshop nail varnish i'm definitley going to go and buy it.
    Also the topshop duo is lovely. Great post.

    Anna x

  3. I love Clarins 'Ever Matte' the colour I was matched with was perfect & it gives such good coverage without being heavy :)

    I found you on the #bbloggers bloghop & I'm now following you on GFC, take a look at my blog & follow back if you like :)



  4. Lovely favs! I love my Real Techniques brushes, use them everyday! x

  5. great faves. I have been eyeing up the bronzer/blush from topshop for a while now. x


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