Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rumour has it

Like a animal getting ready for a hash cold winter... I am stocking up.  Why you ask?  Well rumour has it; Maybelline are discontinuing their mascara the One By One Volumn’ Express.  It is a rumour which I read a few times now and I hope and pray to anyone that will listen that it isn’t true.

For me the One by One is my most repurchased item, I think I’m on my sixth tube.  I honestly love it and will be very very VERY sad to see it go.  I’ve used higher end products before and spent £20+ on some mascaras but this hands down is everything I want in a mascara.  It gives you full lashes like you’re wearing false ones and the brush separates all the lashes... plus there is no clumping.  I have a review and swatches here (not like they’ll be helpful if it is being stopped...duh)

This weekend I stocked up and bought myself three new tubes.  And these were the last ones on the shelves, which might be an indication that it may be true.  I will be disappointed if the rumours are true and this is being stopped but what can you do??

So I may be looking for a new holy grail mascara... do you have any recommendations?

Angela xox

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  1. I let you know if I hear anything at work about it being discontinued but it is still on our plans so you might be ok for the time being. x


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