Saturday, 6 October 2012

InStyle / Benefit Cosmetic get together!

If you haven't heard through the twitter blogger grapevine that Instyle magazine has collaborated with Benefit Cosmetics, then where have you been hiding?

There are three miniatures to collect, Benetint, Sunbeam and Cha Cha Tint.  When I saw one of the releases was Cha Cha Tint I knew I'd have to be buying myself a copy of the magazine.  I am also on the look out for Sunbeam, but have yet to see that on the shelves anywhere.

When they released Cha Cha Tint I ummmmed and ahhhhed whether to pick up a full size for myself.  I'm pretty glad I hadn't, as I now got myself a mini version for £2.50 as opposed to the full sized £24.50 bottle. Gasp!

They describe Cha Cha as a mango hue which is different from their usual red and pink tints - better known as Benetint and Posie Tint.  It is very pigmented and comes across to me as more of a coral red rather than a mango colour.

When it comes to applying to the skin, do not leave it too long before you start to blend it out.  The swatch pictured above was merely on my skin for less than a minute and look at the result.  It is a stain after all.

Will you be picking up InStyle?

Angela xox

*UK only folks ...sniff sniff.

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