Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Topshop ~ Desert Sun Blush/Bronzer Duo

I think I'm in love!  There maybe a new holy grail blush on the block....step aside Rimmel London's Summer Fever (well for now) as I have a new blush love!  I picked this up recently when I got my new polish in Pool Party.  I had meant to take this away on my Jersey holiday, however with the kaos that is packing - this got left behind.  Boo hiss!

So why am I in love you ask?  Desert Sun is a baked bronzer blush duo which is the most beautiful shade I think I have ever seen.  It's nothing like my Summer Fever, that's a different league but this is just mouth watering.

The box

Firstly I must mention the packaging as I love their packaging - it's simple black and white box/case is very modern.  I love the detailing too, it looks very US stars and stripes to me.  Any beauty-aholic will know at a glance in your makeup bag that you've got Topshop item lurking in there because of this packaging!  It breaks the norm.

So what is so beautiful?  A combination of a peachy-pink blush and a light barely-there-shimmery bronzer, the duo swirled together or used alone give the most pretty shade.  As soon as I swatched this in store I knew I wouldn't leave store without it.  I think I may of cried if I'd left it there on the shelf.

The golden bronze and the peachy-pink blush

This isn't over powering in the slightest, subtle is the word.  The peachy-pink in the pan may look bright but once on the skin it gives a natural flush.  The golden bronze is very eye catching with its delicate micro-shimmer.  It almost highlights at the same time.

The swatches, individual swatches plus a blended which is to the right

Sadly my photography lighting was a little pants, it just doesn't show this in all it's glory.  The blended together swatch it barely noticeable but it is there...promise!  I've been little Miss Helpful and indicated where the swatch is with arrows.

Final thoughts or words that come to mind is gorgeous.  This is truly the most beautiful piece of makeup I have seen for a long time.  So pretty and such a good quality item it could almost be a MAC piece, with the exception of the smaller price tag of £12.50.  For a blush/bronze you may think it is a little pricey but seriously, you're getting a lot for your money....6.5gs of blush and bronzer plus pretty packaging and beautiful cheek colour!

Do you have a favourite blush/bronzer duo?

Angela xox


  1. The shade is amazing and I love it. the packaging is hip and it blends well with the skin. It gives off a natural and light finish. Got to have those!!!

  2. -Beauty has a lot to do with character.
    -Beauty doesn't need ornaments. Softness can't bear the weight of ornaments.
    -She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon

  3. this is so pretty! :) i love cargo's blushes



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