Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Black Eyeliner

I think I may be in love and I will tell you the reason why that is!  Like most girls I love a good old smokey eye look.  However I am prone to have oily skin quite a lot, so unfortunately having oily skin makes products slip and slide.  Boo who!

Well let me introduce you to my saviour...

The pencil and swatches. 

The black waterproof Scandal Eye liner is my knight in shinning armour.  This stuff glides on like butter but stays put like a permanent marker.  Truly amazing!

I normally steer clear of liner on my lower lash line because I tend to look like a panda after a while, but now after using this a few times I feel much more confident that it will not move.

The pictures above show swatches.  The left one is just after application.  The right picture has actually been smudged, literally one minute after I have applied to the skin. Hardly no movement at all... impressive yes?

For under £4 this is a must have ladies, they do sell other colours too (you can see pictures here). I'll be honest and tell you guys that I'm using this more than my high end liners, it's that good!

I will post some eye looks soon but as I'm abroad at the moment I cannot up load pictures :-(

Angela xox


  1. This sounds great, I've just fallen in love with a Mac eyeliner but they're so expensive! It would be great if these were as good as the Mac version, will definitely have to try them out :)
    One Little Vice

  2. I love these liners. I hope you are having fun where ever you are my lovely. :) x


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