Saturday, 13 October 2012

JollyBeachAng on Instagram?

Yes it is true... I have ventured on to the world that is Instagram.  I'm still a newbie, plus I have a new phone so I'm still getting used to using both.  So please hang in there!

I am under the user name Jollybeachang ...what else would I be?  I hope to start putting up random pictures like outfits and nails etc.  Also I'll add the odd miscellaneous picture showing my life's journey.  So exciting!

As for the phone if you're wondering, it is a Samsung Galaxy 2 in white.  I know they have recently launched number 3, but 2 was more for my liking.  I did buy the phone especially for Instagram as I couldn't get it on my blackberry... how sad am I?

Are you on Instagram...?

Angela xox


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  1. My boyfriend just got the Galazy 3! I've been using it for Instagram and am new as well! my username is brittany_witt!


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