Monday, 15 October 2012

Rose Gold Love

I've always loved the look of rose gold.  I'm slowing becoming more and more obsessed with it, every time I see a YouTuber or blogger show something rose gold I stare open mouthed at the screen in awe.

Before now I owned no rose gold items... but now I've treated myself to not one, not two but THREE rose gold items in just two days. Someone seriously needs to suspend my eBay and Very accounts.

So for my Ebay buys I picked up these two lovely rose gold plated necklace and bracelet with the added swarovski crystal bling. They are pretty inexpensive, the bracelet was £7.49 and the necklace was £5.99 from the same seller.  I also got combined shipping which was cool.

I love the bracelet detailing with the hearts.  As soon as I saw it, it was mentally added to my wish list.  It is really light and is easy to put on with it's little clasp.  The necklace is super cute too with it's interlocking circles covered in crystals.

The seller shipped these out really fast and I got them the day after I ordered them.  They were also packaged in really cute boxes with bows.  It feels like the seller went to a lot of effort.

My second (or third purchase when you think about) is this stunning stainless steel rose gold Fossil watch called the Mini Riley.  For reference it's number ES2889.  Now it isn't Michael Kors by any means, but it's my cheaper alternative and I love it.  It's a little loose so I need one or two of the links removed but it's just so pretty.  Again covered in crystal bling, this datey watch had my name written all over it.

At £95 from Very (it's normally £105 but Very have a sale going) it is expensive ...I think.  But ...I stress the but ...I have been eyeing up the watch for months.  So when saw Very had it reduced and the fact they offered me the 'buy now pay later', I would of been a fool if I didn't take the opportunity to get it.  So I did and I don't regret it at all.

I love my arm candy!

So have you recently bought any cute jewellery or a fab new watch?  What's your thoughts on rose gold?  Do you like it?

Angela xox


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  1. I recently bought a Vestine Watch from Storm which I love but you're Fossil watch is rather gorgeous!!!! I've never had anything Rose Gold either but I love your purchases! xx



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