Saturday, 28 February 2015

Life Lately #02.15

February is coming to a close already and we are just getting ready to move into March.  Here I am yet a again with a Life Lately post.  A favourites with a twist, a glance into my diary perhaps maybe.  If you fancy checking back to my January post you can click HERE.  So what been going on in my life lately.

French Class Update 
Back in January I told you that my mum and I had signed up for French.  I can tell you now that attempting to learn another language in six weeks is not easy.  Especially when it's only two hours a week.  Today was our last session and it's a shame it's already over.  Do I feel like I know everything I wanted to know?? Erm noooope.  There is so much we still need to cover and it frustrating we cannot do it for longer.  If they have a follow up class I'd certainly say yes to it.  I cannot wait to visit France in the summer.  I think the south of France is calling my name.

Working Out
Sundays is now my hiking, running, walking around the country park day.  I spend approximately two hours freezing my butt off trying to burn off my jelly belly.  At least I'm trying folks!!  I never knew I had miles and miles of stunning picturesque nature right on my very door step.  Thursday night I did a kettle bell DVD and oh my days it was painful.  I screamed, I groaned and sweated like a nutter.  But the scales are going down slowly as I'm doing lots of healthy eating too.  Consistency does pay off plus eating the correct foods. Thumbs up to me!

Negativity? No thanks!
I have a friend of mine from work who is always Miss doom and gloom.  We get on well, been mates for many years but it has come to a point where I feel like I'm just her agony aunt.  She always comes to me with her negative life and I don't like it.  I know with friends you're meant to take the bad and the good... Ying and yang and all that but negativity is a evil thing that can spread like a disease.  I've taken a step back from our friendship and I feel so much better for it.  I know it might sound like I'm an unsupportive friend, but sometimes if something affects you badly... you just need to know when to walk away or back off.  I just do not want it around me.

Work has not been the easiest, there are lots of changes, pressure, dramas - you name it.  I like change and pressure... I generally work best under it but sometimes it's too much to deal with. I'm often forced to work late nights, which on top of early starts and a 20 minute lunch break (or not having one at all) - it can be a bit overwhelming.  I can tell from previous signs that stress and anxiety is starting to rise their ugly heads.  When I had my lush bath the other night it was to attempt to relive myself of stress.  I don't recommend stress it at all.  If you can avoid it.. AVOID IT.  Me time, good food and exercise I think works to help.



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