Monday, 9 February 2015

Salmon Feta Green Salad

I sometimes find with my cooking it works best when I'm winging it.  Literally throwing ingredients together in the pan.  This is what this dish is and it worked out quite well if I say so myself.  I ate it all...not a piece left behind.  What's great about this dish it is super healthy and contains less than 10 items.  What's also good about this meal - you get a good balance of nutrients, omega 3, protein, vitamin B12 and lots more healthy nutrients for all the vegetables.

I had a cooked piece of salmon in my fridge from the day earlier which I needed to use.  Plus kale and brussel sprouts.  So here is what I used and what I did with them.

My pre-cooked salmon piece from the night earlier - flake this into small pieces
Kale - two cups/handfuls and remove the hard stork. Rinse it too!
A small carrot - peeled and chopped thinly.
Half a courgette (it was a left over in the fridge) - slice this up
Brussel Sprouts - approx.10-15 of them.  Chopped off the base and peel, then shred them up
Feta Cheese - 20g serving (as this is a meal for one)
Salt/Pepper/Garlic - for seasoning

Firstly peel and chop the base off your brussels, shred them in to pieces and place them into a microwavable bowl.  Half submerge them in water and place in to the microwave for 5 minutes.  You can steam if you want but for speed, microwave is fine.

In a big pan cook your finely chopped courgette and peeled and chopped carrot to soften.  Then throw in your rinsed kale.  Because it is wet, when you throw this in the pan with your courgette and carrot - it will start to steam it, which you want.

When the brussels are cooked, sieve them to drain the excess water.  Before adding to the pan, add salt/pepper/garlic (I used powdered garlic) to the brussels.  Put in to the pan and stir away!!!  You want to keep it on the heat until the brussels don't look so wet and soggy any more.

Once done, remove from the heat and place in your serving bowl.  Throw on top your salmon and the feta cheese which is best to crumble in to pieces.

Give it a stir and eat like a hungry horse.

That's it, A salmon and feta 'green salad', but there is no actual's all vegetables!  Try it people, you'll like it.  I promise!!


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