Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Lazy Girls Makeup Removal

We've all had it... you've crept in to bed with a full face of makeup on.   You're comfortable and settled...  you don't want to get out of your warm cosy bed.  So how on earth do you remove the face you are wearing??  What do you use??

Cue the handy award winning bottle named Bioderma H2O Micelle Solution.  Heard of it??  Of course you have...  I love to have a bottle of Bioderma beside my bed.  I opt for the Sebium version,  as this is made specifically for oily combination skin types. They also have two other versions: sensitive (hydrabio/blue cap) and normal (sensibo/red cap).

I'm not quite sure what the magic ingredients are that make this so good, but all makeup seems to not stand a chance against it.  A cleanser toner product all in one, it's  very simple to use.   Grab a cotton pad,  soak it and wipe.  You repeat the process until cotton pad appears clear.  It removes all foundations/blush/concealer/eyeshadows (including creams) but I do find you have to really work at waterproof mascaras as they are quite stubborn.

You are left with no residue, it doesn't dry your skin and I always find my skin is very smooth afterwards. The best thing is there is no need to rinse the skin, perfect for the girl who doesn't want to get out of bed.

I need to go shopping for a new bottle as mine is rather empty...  you can pick up your own bottle HERE at Escentuals.


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