Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Heart and Home Candles

My hubby will tell ya I'm addicted to candles and I will openly say it.  Hi my name is Angela and I have an addiction to candles, especially yummy scented ones!!!  A while back whilst out with the mother at an gardening centre,  we discovered a new brand (well new to her and me) of lovely candles. 

Wowed by the cute packaging, we gave them a sniff.  We didn't stop the sniffing session for about 10-15 minutes...  they smelt soooooo good.  I knew I had to buy some but there was a big choice that all smelt so good.  It was very difficult just to stick to two but I finally opted for Baked Apple and Jasmine Daydream. 

Baked Apple smells likely freshly baked apple pie.  If you had the pie and the candle next to one another and you were blind folded,  I'm not sure you would be able to tell the difference.  I totally recommend it. 

Jasmine is one of my favourite scents,  if I see it growing I have to give the plant a sniff.   Jasmine Daydream captures the true fragrance of a Jasmine much like the Baked Apple.  There entire range smells so good and I'd certainly buy more. 



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