Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday Reading | The Glam Guide

On Sundays I like to chill in my pjs and read a good book.  I do like a bit of mushy lovey dovey fiction, but there is nothing quite like reading a book that feels like your best friend has written it.  When I found out Fleur De Force was writing a book I was sceptical.  There was the whole controversial issue of The Girl Online - Zoe 'Zoella' Snug having a ghost writer which she hadn't declared, plus with Tanya Burr she had help for Love Tanya.

Knowing Fleur was honest from the beginning and even vlogged her writing journey, it left me intrigued and wanting to know more about what she was creating.  I've been a stalker of Fleur for years on YouTube and blogger.  I like her style, manner and whole lovely smiley way.  So in all fairness I'd probably like her book right??

Oh yes.

Firstly lets talk front cover.  Rose gold writing - check!  Gorgeous water colour art work - stunning!  Cute Piglet picture - all say awwwww.  The book screams style before you even open the cover.  Inside she covers topics that every girl/woman will have questions about.  Be it hair, travel, fashion, beauty, youtube, health and fitness.  Her book will keep you occupied for hours as it jammed packed with information.  The illustrations and photography inside are very stylist and I love the water colour / light pastel shades used throughout.

Each section is full to the brim of interesting tips.  I'm 31 year old and I'm learning a thing or two from this book.  Who knew there was a technique to jean shopping?  I usually go with what fits.  Fleur gives the low down on the dos and don'ts with handbags, accessorising, shopping in the name it.  I really like that at the end of each chapter there is a section of 10 Quick Tips which is such a great idea.

I like that the book is targeted at many age ranges.  You can be young teen, needing first date guidance, tips with makeup or an older woman needing travelling tips or relationships advice.  It isn't solely aimed at one age group, so I think many of you will enjoy it.

If I could meet Fleur ... I'd shake her hand and tell her she has done an excellent job with The Glam Guide.  Her hard work and dedication shows and her knowledge is overflowing from start to finish.

You can buy The Glam Guide right HERE on Amazon.  I highly recommend it (I wasn't paid to say that).


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