Saturday, 28 March 2015

New Fitness DVDs

I love working out in my own living room.  No hefty gym fees are involved which is a blessing.  All you need is a mat for the floor (mine are wooden so it's a must), some hand weights and a TV/DVD player... then you're ready to go.   Simples!!!

I've added two new fitness DVDs to my collection and I thought I'd share and review what they are.

Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz | Buy HERE
I'd heard such excellent things about this fitness DVD plus the Amazon reviews had nothing but praise for it.  I also got a personal recommendation from a work colleague who raved about it.  SOLD!  The easiest part of this is slipping it into the DVD player, from there onward you will be dripping like you are in a sauna and completely out of breath.  If you are a fan of cardio and HIIT which happens in short bursts only lasting 3 minutes (yep 3 minutes...  that's right!) then buy this now!!!!   Charlotte has two trainers with her doing both hard and easy options of the exercises and there are 12 workouts which are 3 minutes long.  You can either do them all or pick and chose what you want.  Now Charlotte looks hot right.... So it obviously works given time.

Davina 7 Minute Fit | Buy HERE
Before I got this one I had recently got the 'Fit in 15',  which I loved.  Due to loving that one I had no hesitation in popping this one in my Amazon basket thinking it would similar.  In all honesty I hate this DVD. Davina and her trainer just don't get well plus the exercises are not going to work you into a sweat.  This is perfect if you are just starting or returning to exercise,  but if you are already quite fit.... Give it a miss.  You'll be bored... I live Davina and all her other fitness DVD where she was joined by her trainers Mark and Jackie... There was good chemistry and flow but this just falls flat.  I barely broke a sweat which isn't a good sign in my books.  This gets a thumbs down from me which is a shame.

Do you work out at home??  Got any favourites you like to wat


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