Monday, 23 March 2015

Getting Crafty #Crochet

I love to be creative and make things.  I think there is nothing more satisfying than building something with your bare hands....  Be it cakes,  a crochet snood or doing a DIY on some old jars with glitter. More on the latter later on.  In the above picture I was  making a snood for my mum.  It looks a jumbled mess but trust me the end result was lovely. 

I have gradually built up  collection of yarns, hooks and books.  These are some of favourite books and they are great,  but I personally think YouTube is the best place to see crochet at work.  There is only so much a book can show. 

When it comes to crochet I love that I can make something useful.  I can see it and it doesn't take forever to see a result.   I find it spurs me on to work faster.   The snood I'm wearing below is something I knocked up in two days. 

I made it with the help of Simply Hooked YouTubes channel (link HERE) and the cowl snood video is HERE.   Anyone can make this as her instructions are clear and easy for a complete novice to understand.  I did it... so you can.  You just need a ball or yarn,  a large hook and YouTube!!  The snood I'm wearing and my mum's one are the same stitch. Once you get a stitch in your head,  you just want to keep doing it over and over to perfect it!! 

I think my next project will a a granny square blanket of some sort.   Fun times a head. 



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