Monday, 2 March 2015

Making Your Lipstick Last

I like to rock out a bold lip every now and again.  I'm one of those ladies who likes to apply my makeup at 8am and still want it to look just as good at 5.30pm...  but sadly that's not always the case - especially with lipstick.  However the correct prep and layering can work wonders at making a look last.

I've put together a little guide of how you can get your lip look to last the duration of the day.  You could be cheeky and cheat by using a lip stain like Benetint or Lip and Cheek Stain from The Body Shop.... But I'm not going to.  All you have to remember is layering helps. 

Prepping The Base

Preparing your lips is the key stage of making a lipstick look last.  If you're about to paint a wall you make sure it's smooth and the holes are filled in right??  It is the same with lips.  Take a toothbrush (a clean one) and gently rub your lips or you could use a lip scrub.  There are plenty of cool receipes where you could make your own.  Sugar and olive oil or sugar and lemon juice...  That's just two. Or you could buy one...  I like the Bubblegum scrub from Lush. 

Once exfoliated,  remove the excess scrub and pat dry with a tissue.  When dry apply a lip balm to moisturise the base.  It doesn't have to be a fancy balm... Steer clear of think glossy balms. Chapstick is what I use.

Now the prep is done, go apply the rest of your face as this will give the balm time to sink in.

The Lipstick

Another key part of this is to use a lip pencil.  Use it to fill and line the lips.  Some pencils these days are so good they actually look like lipsticks. Once you're all penciled in apply lipstick.  You could use a brush or apply straight from the bullet. Remember to (1) find a lipstick and a pencil that are a similar shade and (2) pop them in your bag for emergency touch ups.

Apply Lipcote

You could leave the lipstick with out applying this but any extra help is much appreciated right??  Apply Lipcote over your lipstick,  it'll taste strange but it works.

I hope these tips help you.



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