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Stress and Anxiety - How I Cope?

It's been a while since I've felt the urge to write up a post or even make a YouTube video.  Writing posts takes time and focus .... and lately I've had neither of them.  I work in the finance industry...and around this time of the year it's audit time.  It can be very much hands on deck and go go go throughout the entire process.  So as you can imagine my work life has been a bit rocky.

Another reason for my absence is I'm currently battling a period of depression and anxiety.  I'd been feeling a little low and I could see and feel the signs that depression was on the horizon.  But I just carried on like a trooper as that's the way I am.  Then wham bang hello it's here sitting on my shoulders like the devil itself.  I'm trying to self treat myself with down time (and alcohol), but I know a trip to see the Doc may be on the cards.

Anyway let's talk about depression.  I'm mainly writing this to help myself and to talk about it, but it may help someone else out there who just like me things have got on top of them.  Depression is not a moment of "oh I feel miserable for a day".  It's goes deeper than that.  Mental issues are very untalked about...but it is more common than you will realise.  It has this taboo of being a weakness in a person but I can assure you it isn't.  Some of the most confidence people can have depression....Robin Williams is one person to mention.  See! ANYONE CAN SUFFER FROM DEPRESSION.  Got that...good.

When I had my first depression anxiety episode, I was shocked I had it as I didn't expect to be diagnosed with it.  I actually initially thought I had a brain tumour as I felt that unwell in the mind.  But to be eventually told depression anxiety was the reason for the way I felt all made sense.  I was treated medically and made a complete recovery.  However I have always been weary of it ever since.

Now, due to the fact I know some of the signs I can firmly say I am currently suffering from depression.  The symptoms for depression and anxiety are long as they range from person to person (click HERE for depression and HERE for anxiety...the Mind website which shows you a list of common symptoms) Some of mine range from tearfulness, restless, bad concentration level, agitation, low self esteem and basically thinking what's the point about most things in life.  Depression is a horrible place and left and ignored it can have an awful out come.

Previously I had the comment "what reason do you have to be depressed?" People don't realise it can strike anyone and it shouldn't be joked or taken lightly.  Comments like that are hurtful and many don't understand and don't chose to understand depression.  Here is some guidance from me....

* Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Go to your doctor...think about it...  you're not the first and you're not the last person to suffer from this.  They won't judge you, even though you think they will.  Write a list of your feelings and take it with you if you are forgetful.  And be honest...they are there to help.

* Accept the help.  I was reluctant to take the medication to begin with,  which I was prescribed as I thought I was a failure for resorting to medication.  There is nothing wrong with popping a pill to get back on track (doctor prescribed ones anyways).   Hormones and chemicals in the body need resetting from time to time and pills will help.

* If you want to to talk to someone anonymously try Mind or the Samaritans.  They are trained and are there to support you.

* There is absolutely NO need to be ashamed.  There is nothing wrong with and it's normal....remember that!!

* Help is out there and you don't need to suffer alone. Seek help.  Please.

* Be open with your loved ones (if you can) you need a support network around you.  Tell your employers too as they may restructure your work to ease up on the pressure on you.

* Ditch negativity as depression anxiety feeds on it.  Is your mate being unsupportive?  Well they aren't your real friend, so bin them.  You will realise who your real friends are at times like this.

* This isn't the end....depression anxiety is treatable and can be managed.  Never think there isn't a way out because that is NOT true.

If you know of someone suffering from depression anxiety give them all the support they need.  You will really make their day.  Plus smile at strangers... you might be smiling at someone at rock bottom and your smile may lift their hopes.

And if you are're not alone and there is always support of there x


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  1. You know where I am hun if you need a chat. I was going to suggest the mind website but see you are aware of them. you can self refer yourself to them if you feel like chatting to a professional about how you feel. They were a life saver for me when I went through a very bad stage a few years ago.
    lots of love xxx


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