Sunday, 9 December 2012

Beauty Tip: You cannot escape!

Random name for a post I know but I thought it was fitting.  Kind of.  These days products are a tad expensive and you always want to get every last drop, scoop, ounce of products from you tubes and pots.

I mentioned these products in an empties post a while back but as I was about to recycle them I thought I'd see what was trying to escape without being used.

So taking a pair of scissors... be careful now if you try this.  I cut the packaging about half way down, all the way a cross.  You have to remember to keep the cut off part as this will come in handy.

Once I cut it off I looked inside and was surprised by how much left over product is inside.  Lots of expensive beauty product would of ended up at a plastic recycling centre some where if I hadn't been a little curious!

As for the other end of the tube... I popped this back on the other end by slightly bending the main part of the tube into a curved C shape.  The products will be safe and sound and ready for use.

Cool tip which you've probably heard before but I thought I'd share :-)

Have a great Sunday!

Angela xox



  1. I do this, you waste so much product otherwise. Loved the title, it made me chuckle. x

  2. I too recently did this with a Liz Earle C+P - I was amazed how much was left in the bottom, another 5 or so applications! Great advice for using the other end like a lid, I threw it out without thinking and used clingfilm - not quite so clever!


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