Thursday, 20 December 2012

Business Cards with

How professional am I... my blog finally has business cards. 

In no shape or form do I consider my blog a business.  You usually make money from a business and I don’t from my blog.  For me blogging is more a hobby and a place for sharing my love for all things beauty.

When I attended the BBloggerXmas event I was quite astounded by how many bloggers had their own business cards.  I felt a bit unprepared to be honest.  So I said on the night as soon as I get home I’m ordering some.  I had looked at cards before and thought it was a silly idea but essentially all a business cards are, is a small list of contactable information.  It saves on the post-its, the scrap pieces of paper and a note book.  Or in my guess asking for everyone’s twitter names!!

I picked up my cards from Moo.Com and I completely recommend them.  The service was fast, easy and inexpensive.  There was no complications which was ideal.  I ordered them on Saturday 15th after I got home from the event and by the following Wednesday 18th I had my cards.
For less than £20 I got 100 cards and a small case (you buy this separately) which I think its a good price!

As it was my first time with Moo I was given a code for anyone I recommend to the site.  You’ll receive 10% off your order which is excellent!  If you’d like to make your own and would like the code, tweet me @jollybeachang  or direct message me your email and I’ll pass on the code.

Every little bit helps!  What do you think of business cards for blogs?

Angela xox


  1. That a really good price. The cards look great. :) x

    1. Thanks :-) I'd completely recommend them x

  2. Captivating card with stunning holder that saves them from crumbling....

  3. That a really good price. The cards look great. :)
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