Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil

I love the feel of moisturised skin, who wants dry skin?  Hmmm no one!  I do love and own a few body butters, lotions and creams but there is something else I’ve been really been loving lately.  So much so, the bottle is fast becoming empty.

Since I took this picture, the amount left is hardly nothing.

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil is a nourishing body oil which I have been using for a few months now since I went to Tunisia in October.  I picked it up to use in the evenings to add moisture and a glowing look to the skin after being in the glorious sun shine all day.  Since then I’ve pretty much used it every day since.

A weightless oil with a beautiful scrumptious scent that leaves your skin glowing and radiant.  It makes you look very refreshed and healthy.  Dull skin is gone with this beauty!

Containing yummy ingredients like argan, macadamia, almond and rose - this leaves smelling so... what’s the word... there isn’t one - just ahhhhh!  It is just a lovely relaxing smell if that makes sense.  I love my rosy floral scents and macadamia and argan are the king or queen of moisture, so this is a winner for me.

You might think because this is an oil based product that your skin would feel like an oil slick after applying it.  I promise, no it doesn’t unless you apply too much obviously then it will feel too oily.  The oil is very light weight and with the spray application it is lightly and evenly distributed on to the skin.  Just rub into the skin and your are finished.  You can dress or go to bed within minutes as it’s absorbed into the skin very fast and the oil doesn’t transfer.

Afterwards your skin will be left glowing with a healthy looking sheen.  This on the legs and arms looks lovely, you’ll have the super model sheen.  My top tip is to shower or have bath first, then pat the skin dry and whilst the skin is still slightly damp then put this on.  Your pore will still be open from the heat of the shower/bath.

This usually retails for £7.99 but Boots had it on special for £5-ish so go get yourself a bottle... I have!

Angela xox

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