Saturday, 15 December 2012

No7 Stay Perfect Metallic Eyes Pencil ~ Green

So I have a new eyeliner to show you.  With Christmas coming I thought I'd try something a little fancy and I recently picked up this metallic eyeliner from No7 to try out.
Stay Perfect Metallic Eyes Pencil in Green

So it's called Green.  To me the name doesn't really do this product justice.  Green sounds a little boring, Emerald is much more alluring.  I mean if you see the swatches above, I'd hardly call this just an average green... green lagoon perhaps?

On the lash line and lid

This eyeliner promises a soft, stay perfect, creamy liner with an intense colour and shine.  No7 do break some of these promises.

Initially this is quite hard to use.  No7 say this is creamy, I personally have been warming the pencil on the back of the hand before applying to the lash line or eye lid as it just too hard.  Dragging on a tender skin area is a no no for me!

No7 promise a long lasting metallic liner.  I have found that this does like to smudge a little to begin with which is unfortunate.  So it's not particularly long lasting as promised.  As for the metallic promise No7 do keep to their word as this does have that metallic look about it.

Swatches time

In all honesty I like this but I don't think I'd be repurchasing sadly.  It's just too hard on the tender eye area, however I love the colour as it is intense and metallic.  If they made a softer version then perhaps I'd be swayed to repurchase it.

This is a little expensive for a drug store brand at £6.50, I'd rather spend the money on these babies which are better and longer lasting.

Angela xox

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  1. I've tried one of these liners recently (a metallic silver one) and found it was way too hard for me to use, far too dragging! Such a shame because the colour was very pretty xx


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