Thursday, 13 December 2012

Botanics Love Affair

When it comes to skin care right now I’m loving Botanics.  Easy to buy (thanks to Boots), reasonably inexpensive and lots of goodies to chose from.  I don’t like to play around too much when it comes to skin care as I’m a believer that if you keep throwing different products on to the skin it’ll never get used to that product. 

Our skin reacts differently to every thing we apply on to it.  Think of your face being a canvas and products being paints.  Whatever you apply to the skin creates a different mixture, which the skin absorbs.  If you keep changing paint colours the outcome will always be different.  How is the skin supposed to get used to products if you keep changing??

A few weeks back I picked up the Super Serum Radiant Youth which I’m really liking (watch this space for a review). When I was in Boots the other day I noticed they had offers on the Botanics range with money off. The serum had £2 discount, so I bought a new tube and I also picked up some other bits and bobs from the range

Mattifying Gel Cream Shine Away
This SPF15 gel is great for us oily skin ladies (and gents).  This hydrates and tightens your pores.  It is very light feeling and doesn’t block my pores.  Due to the tightening effect this stops your skin producing excess sebum (oils).   After cleaning the face in the morning and applying the Super Serum, place this on the areas where you are prone to oiliness. You will feel it start to mattify the skin so much you’ll want to keep touching your face!  You don’t have to wait long for this to be absorbed as the skin drinks it up.  You can then apply your makeup over the top.  Simples and cheap at £4.99.

Replenishing Night Cream Radiant Youth
If you need to boost your radiance, use this every evening after cleansing the skin and after the Super Serum.  This is a youth enhancing intensive moisturiser which I definitely need!  Filled with goodies which combat the signs of ageing (apparently in 4 weeks) and Vitamins C and E which reinenforce antioxant protection.  This also has hyaluronic acid technology which boosts collagen production.  A good bargain for £7.99 I think.

I also picked up the Microdermabrasion Polish Radiant Youth which I’ll show in another post as they’ll be swatches to show you.

What bargains do you love?

Angela xox


  1. I am currently using the night cream and I am kinda shocked by how good it is! I'm also using one of the day creams, think it is the brightening one it has spf in and I'm impressed with that too :) x

    1. For some thing from the high street these do exactly what they say on the tin :-) x


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