Friday, 10 April 2015

New Topshop Shoes

Hands up if you find shoe shopping an effort?  A chore?  Aye, I certainly do.  If life was perfect I'd be able to walk into one shop and find what I need in one hit.  If I need new shoes  I usually either go to Tesco or Primark as that's as far as I like to venture to these days.  I can't remember the last time I went crazy in the shoe aisle.

A few weeks/months ago I saw Ingrid in one of her video talking about her Vans and I quite liked the look of hers.  I kept it in my mind that one day I'd like my own Vans.   Then one day at band camp... Wait no actually at Topshop I made a discovery - Van shoe look-alikes!!  I then bought three pairs of the same shoe... Yes I am one of those people that if I find a shoe I like... I buy pretty much every colour I can find.  Sad I know.  But at £20 a pop it's technically not a bad investment.

These for me kind of resemble primary school plimsolls (remember those) however these are way more cool!  I'm getting fancy look-alike Van style shoes for peanuts too.   Win win!  I also like that these are not trainers,  very causal and stylish. Here are the shoes I got. 

Tiga Slip On Skater Snake skin shoes - HERE
random black and white snake skin (faux of course) I was intially drawn to these for the style.  I kind of thought why not give you a go as it's something different!  When I wear them people always very complimentary on the way they look. 

I also bought the Scuba Skater HERE, the material to me resembles a wet suit -  rubber spongy in texture.  Sounds weird but looks good,  so who cares. 

Finally... I also bought faux fur skaters (couldn't find a link -  sorry).  At 31 I never thought I would like faux fur shoes lol.  They definitely were not on my wish list.  But hey I'm trying to be more stylish and be down with the kids! 

So that's it... I'm in a shoe band for the rest of the year.  Would you wear any of these?  Do you like the style? 


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