Friday, 17 April 2015

Coconut Oil - What's the deal?

I think 10 years ago no one really knew what the deal was about coconut oil.  But now the stuff is everywhere.  It's such a versatile product - you can eat it, rub over you body and use it in your hair plus you can use it as a mouth wash!  Yes really.

Solid at room temperature with a creamy texture -  it only needs a gentle rub with warm hands or 30 seconds in the microwave then you are in business!  Using coconut oil has many benefits for the body both inside and out.  It is well and truly the winner of most amazing product in my eyes.  I'm going to mention a few uses and benefits.... but the actual list is wayyyyyy bigger.  Here are some great uses and benefits for yummy delicious coconut oil.

The Body
As I said above the oil can provide great benefits inside and outside the body.  Yes coconuts are fatty but it's the kind of fat it offers - GOOD FATS!  Good fats are essential for living... You cannot cut them out all together -  just like carbs. Your body depends on them.  Research says coconut oil is great for a healthy heart,  glowing skin, combating fungi imbalance aka thrush, digestion - it's a source of fiber and it's hydrating. Coconut water is another big thing hitting our shelves -  have you noticed??  The coconut provides tonnes of goodness. 

Want shiny soft hair... well coconut oil should be your friend for life.  Packed full of moisture it'll make dry fizzy hair soft and looking very glad indeed.  I've read (not tried it myself)  you can use it as a hair mask by applying to the hair then letting it sit for a while to work it's magic.  Give it a rinse and ta-dah soft silky hair. 

Nails Care    
There is no need to buy cuticle oil any more. As this softens and hydrates the skin it is perfect for the nails.  After doing a little research I read that it can also combat fungi.... fungal nails any one??? 

Hydrating The Skin
Fresh glowing skin is on everyone's want list and it is certainly on mine.  Coconut oil can help with that.  I love using my oil after a shower...  I put little in my hand and my body temperature melts it down whilst I'm massaging it into my body. Bonuses you smell soooooo good... Yummy! It is especially good for elbows, knees and feet as they are very prone to being dry.

Digestion/Diet Aid/Weightloss
Ask yourself this?  On tropical Islands where coconuts are consumed in abundance by islanders have you ever seen them to be overweight??  No one on tropical islands of paradise are ever fat! So true!!  Coconut can help you burn fat and not just any fat - the fat that gathers internally around your organs.  This kind of fat is dangerous and can lead to heart disease/heart attacks.

I've been using this oil from Boots (see picture) -  you cannot eat this one (not sure why you can't) and I also have another one for cooking which I picked up in good old Tesco.

Click HERE if you fancy picking up a jar of your own.


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