Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Hauling at Superdrug

This little haul is a little late to grace the blog with its presents.... but hey the products are still out there to be bought - So why not try and persuade you to buy them??!! Hehe I'm so evil!  Here is what I got... oh and PS Bourjois were doing buy two get the second half price... So as you can imagine I went nuts :-)

Sleek Blush - Pomegranate  | HERE
Believe it or not this is the first ever Sleek blush I have tried.  I wanted to try a shade that was different from your bog standard pink. Pomegranate is a plum like shade and pretty much resembles the shade of the outside of pomegranate... hence the name.  You have to be careful with this as it's pigmentation is strong.  And by that I mean strong!  You only need the smallest amount to get a bold look.  Probably not the best shade choice if you have light skin tone  but warm to dark skin tones can rock this shade out!! 
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry - Pit Stop | HERE
I'm awful at smudging my polish whilst it's drying so when I saw Barry M 'Speedy Quick Dry'  I did a hop skip and a jump to get a look at them.  I pretty much own nearly every colour in existence but I opted for Pit Stop which is a creamy lilac mauve shade, which is pretty nice.  Perfect for the spring.

Bourjois Colourband  Eye Crayon - Rose Fauviste  | HERE
I think the older I get, the lazier I have become with eyeshadows.  I love easy crayon pencil like eyeshadows where you literally draw on your lid.  Just like the By Terry Ombre Blackstar but much cheaper.  I'm a sucker for rose gold shades and this colour Rose Fauviste hits the nail on the head in the colour department.  Plus mega bonus included when it comes to longevity... It lasts for ages!!!  Surprising indeed for a high street buy.  Love it!

Bourjois Volume 1 Second Mascara - Ultra Black | HERE
The strangest wand/brush in the land, plus I didn't really need it but hey every girl needs an extra tube of mascara laying around don't they??  I've used it a few times already and I quite like it.  You can achieve quite a nice look with just one application and it gets all my lashes from root to tip which gets the thumbs up from moi!  Random thought though, the ultra black shade?  Is there such a thing?  Looks black to me?!

Bourjois Feutre Eyeliner - Noir/Black | HERE
When it comes to my cat eye liner looks, my skills are about a grade F - F for fail... I'm just rubbish.  I find felt tip liners really help to try and attempt to get a good-ish liner look.  The tip is hard but slightly bendy (sounds so rude my apologises) plus it doesn't put too much liquid on the lid.  It also dries quite quick for a gal on the go like myself.  No fanning it dry!

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation | HERE
I had to repurchase this as I loooooove it.  I won't talk about it too much as I have written about this before a few months ago.  My review is right HERE.

So thats it....do I have a shopping addiction?  Yes I think so.  Oops!  You bought anything lately?


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