Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Little Things

Sometimes in life it is the little things that make a huge difference.  With the Easter holidays coming to a close, I have felt the massive benefit of having a break.  Four days might not seem a lot, but I didn't realise I felt so over worked and completely overloaded.  To actually spend time at home and not have a place to be, has really just released me.  It might sound weird to say I feel 'released' but, when you're someone who is overwhelmed with feelings and emotions - the release is an amazing feeling.  A weight on your shoulders lifts and you instantly feel lighter.  I can hand on heart say I have come out of the other side when it comes to my stress anxiety.

This Easter I have done nothing.  Well that's a fat lie, I have eaten my body weight in chocolate!!!  I have also attempted to make a woven rug (more on that later), spring cleaned, filmed some videos.  I have also reorganised my wardrobe and put together a charity bag of bits and pieces that need a new loving home.  I feel so much better now that I'm feeling normal again.  I just need to get my eating back on track and get rid of the pot belly that I gained in March.  My stress anxiety really made me not give a monkeys about what I ate.  I still ate my salads but sugar has been calling my name big I need to knock that on the head.

Tomorrow I'm going to go on nice long hike with the hubby...wellies, winter jackets, mud, puddles...therapeutic time.  I love being out doors and now the weather is some what nice I'm taking advantage.  Nature is the best cure for lifes ups and downs.

I hope you're having an amazing Easter!!


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  1. I love having weekend where you have a big sort out and feel like your life is organised again. Glad to hear you are feeling better lovely. Enjoy your walk. x


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