Monday, 20 April 2015

Giving To Those In Need

This is such a random post but hey I'm a random person after all, who is attempting to spread goodness everywhere I go like a fairy and her fairy dust.  Yesterday I did my weekly shop in Tesco.  By the way FYI this is not sponsored at all by Tesco,  I just happened to be there - next time I might choose Sainsbury or Waitrose.   Anyways I walked in the door armed with my trolley, shopping list and reusable bags.... I love my reusable bags!!!  Whenever I go shopping I see the charity basket where you donate food.  I've always wanted to do my bit,  but in all honesty the time I reach the checkout at the end I've forgotten all about it. 

Yesterday I spotted the basket and added to my shopping list as a reminder to pick up some extra goodies.  I did just that... tomato spaghetti,  dried pasta and rice plus cereal.  I didn't spend a mass of money because to help others sometimes you don't need to.   The other week I spent £2 in a charity shop buying old pillow cases to practice my sewing skills on -  everyone is a winner! 

I'm quite good when it comes to charity... any decent clothes or home goods I no longer want I give to charity shops.  I could sell things myself on eBay for example but that's my way of helping with charities.  The thing that gets me most though, is I always get caught with no spare change in my purse.  There is always a charity pot at my London station and I never have spare change.... I always feel so guilty when I walk by not giving :-(

I am thinking of doing a 5km charity run this summer.  I've always wanted to try to do one and I think this year will be my year - again everyone is a winner.  Exciting times ahead people!!  

Just remember you don't have to give an arm and a leg to help others.  Sometimes small gestures have the biggest impact!! 


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