Saturday, 17 November 2012

Wish List #1

A few things I'm wishing for... I thought this might be fun.  All pictures from weheartit

A designer hand bag 

I don't care whose name adorns it but I crave something posh on my arm.  I keep checking out Mui Mui, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs. I used to fancy a bit of Mullberry but I haven't seen anything that really calls my name. All boxes need to be ticked before I spend the mega bucks and take out a second mortgage.


I'm not sure if I'm the only girl in England who doesn't own a pair.  I've never really seen the appeal.  But for the first time a few weeks back I actually tried on a pair and I have to say they are pretty cosy.  With autumn and winter on our door step I need something to keep my feet warm and toasty.

Toned tummy 

Now not something I can just pop to the shops and buy, unless I buy a tummy tuck from Harley Street.  But I have been hitting the gym hardcore for quite a few months now and I can finally feel muscles under my puppy fat.  I just need to burn that fat.  Anyone got a match?

A ticket to LA 

This year I was very close to succeeding in my dream of getting to LA.  Its been my dream since I was about 14 years old.  However I pushed back my trip so I could coincide it with my friends Las Vegas wedding in May 2013.  I've been hunting down a good price on tickets and I hope to book a ticket before Christmas or perhaps when they have New Year sales.  So watch this space!

A new car -

I hardly drive my wheels anymore but part of me would love a new set.  The car I have is a 53 plate Clio which is a bit worn around the edges.  I love her dearly but I'd love something a bit flashy. Vanity vanity!

To learn new things - 

I crave to learn new things.  I'd love to learn to become a makeup artist but I think I'm a bit past it in the age department. I love textiles, jewellery making, candle making...anything arty where I can create.  I hate being held back when it comes to learning things.  If I'm sitting still too long I start to twitch!

I hope you enjoyed!

Angela xox

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  1. I'd love to visit America, any part of it esp New York and Vegas baby haha :) xx



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