Sunday, 4 November 2012

Inglot Freedom System

Inglot is one those brands I have always wanted to get my mitts on but hadn't had the chance to. Famous for being able to customise your own palettes, I had always want one.  Now I do!

The boxes and the palette

For those of you who may not know, the freedom system is where you can make any palette size of your choice.  Separately sold, the empty palettes which come in sizes where you can either place 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 or 40 shadows.  The shadows are held in with a strong magnet, so there is no risk of them falling out.  They also have a lid which is held in place by magnets.  It's a very cool unique design.

For my first ever Inglot buy I opted for the 5 pan.  What is amazing about their shadows is there are so many to select from.  The amount they sell put MAC to shame!  The only thing I do dislike is none of the shadows have fancy names, they have numbers and different finishes written down like matte, double sparkle.  I'm a person who likes cute names.

So from left to right I have the following:

Normal and flash lighting 

 463 Double Sparkle
 405 Pearl
 461 Double Sparkle 
 502 Double Sparkle
 387 Matte

I have swatches in normal and flash lighting so you can see any shimmer amongst the shadow.

Normal lighting
405 Pearl, 463 Double Sparkle, 461 Double Sparkle, 502 Double Sparkle, 387 Matte

and with flash...

Flash lighting
405 Pearl, 463 Double Sparkle, 461 Double Sparkle, 502 Double Sparkle, 387 Matte

What is great with all of these is the pigmentation and consistency... they have the X-Factor for me.  They feel and look high quality.  In comparison to lets say MAC, they are also cheaper and are just as good when it comes to colour pay off.  Plus as I said earlier you also have more colours to chose from.  One small downside is where you can buy them... the only store in the UK currently is in Westfield Shepherds Bush which is a trek.  But they do have the option to mail order them if you wish.

So there you have it... my first palette.  All shadows are purchased individually at £9 and the palette is £7.  Inglot state that their shadows are not tested on animals either... which is excellent news!!!

So have you tried any Inglot shadows?  Do you have any recommendations for what I should try next?

Angela xox


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