Saturday, 10 November 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain

This was one of those spontaneous buys ... I didn't set out to buy.  It was kind of a 'let's try it and see' purchase.  Rendezvous is a chubby orangey-coral crayon from Revlon. I know these have been on the market a while but hey I'm a little slow sometimes ;-)


With its gel like formula this crayon glides on effortlessly.  I love the design with its pencil like tip.  When you need more product simply twist the silver part and up pops more and it is also retractable too!  Easy peasy!

The tip of the crayon is perfect for applying the stain to the cupid-bow area of the lips, whilst for the rest of the lip I like using the side of the crayon.  A quick sweep back and forth and the job is done.

When applying it is smooth and easy.  It looks very bright but when it's on the lips it takes on a lightweight stain appearance that looks very glossy.  This can be applied to give a light stained look or built up for a more intense look.

The balm like consistency is lovely and the added scent which to me smells minty is a nice touch.  The minty dental floss smell can be a little strong and might be a little off putting to some but it fades after a short time.

Swatches and on the lips

So does it stain you ask?  Yes.  As a test I applied this about 8pm last night then went to bed a few hours later.  The result... I woke up with stained lips! No it was not a perfect application like the above pictures, but you could see I was wearing the product.  Top marks for lasting the test of time!

Incredibly similar to Clinique's version of Chubby Sticks, the Revlon sells for around £7 whilst Clinique retails for £16.  You can buy two and get change compared to Clinique!

Next time I'm at a Revlon counter I'm certainly going to check out perhaps a pinky toned crayon as I really love this.  Have you tried these?  So do you recommend any colours to try?

Angela xox


  1. This is a good product, but I prefer Sephora Brand Lush Flush Lip Stain. It can help me keep the long lasting coloring on my lips all day long.


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