Saturday, 19 May 2012

Shopping my stash #part1

I am currently loving shopping my stash as opposed to hitting the shops.  It is a great money saver firstly and also it makes you rediscover items you have forgotten you owned once upon a time.  So I thought now and again I would shop my stash I show you my finds.

My most recent SMS (cheeky giggle) is the rediscovery of a gorgeous lip product by Bobbi Brown.

Pink Retro is a Creamy Lip Colour Lipstick which gives the perfect tint of pink to your lips.  I really love the formula to this, it so soft and creamy (hence the name) and it glides on with a long lasting glossy finish. 

Now when I say glossy though I don't mean in the sense of 'sticky' glossy, I mean balm-like, which is really nice.  It does contain shea butter and skin conditioners which help moisturise and soften your lips.  I always find my lips are very soft after using this.  You also feel like you're wearing nothing on your lips and it looks very natural and not an overpowering colour.

I love the sleek packaging.  It's different as it actually metal not plastic, which makes it feel more glam.  Bobbi Brown retails this for £18.00 and there are 18 other amazing colours to choose from if Pink Retro doesn't quite float your boat.

Have you tried any Bobbi Borwn lip products?  Have you been shopping your stash at all?

Also apologises for being AWOL for the last couple of days.  I had no pre-written blog posts and I have been a bit busy.  I have also been suffering froma bit of bloggers block in terms of things to write about. . . but I am back!

So for now I bid you night night,
Angela xox


  1. I have never tried Bobbi Brown lip products but this looks lovely. xx

    1. Bobbi's stuff is really nice, some of it is expensive but totally worth it!

  2. This looks lovely, great post!
    I know the feeling of having no time to post, I've been the same lately!
    Please check out my blog and follow if you like it :)
    Pretty Little Lives

    1. Sometimes it hard to have a life and blog at the same time lol! x


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