Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Holy grail brush...? Yes I think so...

I think I may have found a holy grail brush thanks to Samantha Chapman and the Real Technique people.  Part of the Starter Brush Set the Accent brush is a teeny tiny brush with a whole lot a power.

The real beauty of this brush is the size and density of the bristles.  The brush is smaller than a pea and the bristles are so sturdy yet soft at the same time.  I predominately use this to help create smokey eyes.  It's fantastic for smudging liner on the upper lid from a harsh line to a subtle sexy smokey eye.  It's also excellent for the bottom lash line, due to the size of the brush head as it fits perfectly into the lower lash line area.  The soft synthetic straight edge of the brush with the slightly round of sides makes it comfortable to use on the delicate eye area.

You can also use it for inner corner highlight and precision delighting work.  I recommend the kit for this brush alone but the whole kit is amazing and worth every penny.

I salute you Real Techniques. . .have you tried Real Techniques?  What brushes do you recommend?

Happy May 1st!

Angela xox


  1. Never tried it or even heard of it petal - thanks for sharing this with us :) How are you? X

    1. Real T brushes are great. They are in Boots or online. Definitely worth checking out. I'm good how are you x

  2. I love this brush for applyinh colour into the inner corner. all the Real Technique brushes I have tried are amazing. x

    1. I'm really glad I've invested in them....great brushes. And so soft!


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