Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bobbi Brown | Vitamin Enriched Face Base

Bobbi Brown's Vitamin Enriched Face Base is my primer of choice.  My love affair with my 'face base' as I like to call it, started in 2010.  I'd never used a primer before then, but a small event such as my wedding day made me call on the beauty gurus of Bobbi Brown.  It was not until I attended one of their wedding makeup session did I truly learn about all the steps of creating the perfect look.

As the name suggests this is enriched with vitamins and feels very luxurious when you apply to the skin.  The consistency is quite thick and you don't need to much product.   Some primers can be watery but this feels more like a rich evening face cream.

It just feels good for your skin with its added shea butter to nourish and hydrate.  It's oil free and doesn't give a greasy finish once applied. Packed full with vitamins: A to help minimise wrinkles and fine lines and  C and E to help with environmental damage . . .i.e. sun  damage - this is a great skin primer.  Oh and one more thing. . .it smells yummy with it's light grapefruit and geranium scent.

I think this is a primer for keeps from now on!  What primer do you use?

Angela xox


  1. This sounds lovely, I never really see much benefits from primers myself but maybe I just haven't found the one. x

    1. Sometimes I don't think you need them. But for my wedding I weren't taking any risks :-D xx


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