Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My New Bobbi Brown Goodies

If you saw my recent YouTube video, you'd know I paid a visit to Bobbi Brown.  Oh I do love a bit of Ms Brown.  They have recently launched the pencil form of my favourite long wear gel eyeliner. Ye-haaa!  Knowing this I hop footed it to my local BB counter in hot pursuit of the new launch.

In my shopping basket I picked up Mahogany Long Wear Eye Pencil.  I also picked up a shimmer wash eyeshadow in Rose Gold, they just so happened to be on display next to one another. Temptation!!!!

Firstly the shadow, a stunning Rose Gold Shimmer Wash.  The rose gold colour is very popular shade in the jewellery and fashion world, but you don't see many eyeshadows in this shade. As the name suggests it's a golden colour with a pink undertone.  You can pick up the eye shadow here on the Bobbi Brown site.  You can also go to counters and try to get this, but the Bobbi Brown assistant said they were flying off the shelves when I picked up mine.

Natural and Flash Photography

The eyeliner is everything I expected.  Long lasting, great colour and pigmentation.  It does take a while to set so it can be smudged for a smoky look.  It is soft, creamy and glides on effortlessly.  I hate liners which are difficult to use and you have to press them on the lids quite hard.  With this you don't.  I have used this on the water lines and it stays for ages.  I do recommend using a little powder to set if you have oily skin like me though.

What I also like with these pencil eyeliners is they come with a sharpener.  I think it's great to include them in the box, you'll always end up using the liner as the pencil will never go blunt!

Have you checked these out?  Are you a Bobbi fan?

Angela xox


  1. The eyeshadow is gorgeous, i am going to check these out. xx

  2. Wow, that eyeshadow looks stunning! I saw Bobbi Brown had a rose gold set a while back with this shade in her long wear cream shadow formula. I wish they would introduce that to the permanent line!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury


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