Thursday, 21 June 2012

Garnier Skin Renew B.B. Cream

With BB creams taking the makeup world by storm in recent months it was silly of me not to pick one up.  The Garneir BB Cream was something I picked up what feels like years ago in Chicago back in February.

I have the shade light/medium which at present feel slightly too dark for me.  It looks like it’s more aimed at skins colours which are slightly on the medium/tanned side.  Sadly I do look like I’m wearing a mask when I wear this . . .not the look I’m looking for Garnier!  I think while I'm away on holiday and hitting the beach I'll be using this.

The good points is this does do what it says on the tin. It is light to medium coverage depending on how much you apply.  If you’re thinking this is foundation material then you are mistaken. It gives more of the tinted moisturiser effect. When it comes to the product the consistency it is nice, a thick-ish cream.

I feel like it does even out my skin and you don't see so much of the redness of my skin.  If you see my before and after pictures you can see a small blemish (under the scar) in the before doesn't show in the after application picture.

Before application

The bad points are or the not so good points are for me is the shine. Yes it gives you a dewy complexion, but I have oily skin already and I don’t want to enhance it with an oily looking face product. Bad times. The size of the tube not necessarily a bad thing but if you can’t see yourself using this lots then it might go to waste, because the tube is big.
After application

I do like this – it’s not all bad.  If i was merely looking for a product to whip out and apply to myself if i was popping to Tesco or just wanted to feel more made up at home then this would be it.  But if you want long lasting flawless complexion then you won’t get it with this product.  As generally that's not what a BB is all about.

Do you wear BB creams, what do you wear?

Angela  xox


  1. I started testing the Clinique age defense BB on holiday, first impressions aren't great though. I'm still a fan of the Ginvera nude Green tea BB but I really want to try the Dr Jart BB creams. I love supporting British brand so wish a British brand would bring out a good BB but for now I think when it's best stick with the Korean brands, they do it best :)

  2. There are so many BB creams now it's hard to tell which ones are the best :-(

  3. Of course it is getting well result I haven using it science five years.As per my friends reference, because he had gotten already good result from that cream.Many thanks fro well information.

  4. I was depressing about on my scratch on my face, my office mate approached me about the product, and really it is very effective and powerful cream. Because I got good result. Many thanks for sharing information.


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