Monday, 20 February 2012

Mums the word!

So If you didn't know Mothers Day (in the UK anyways) is in March 18th.  It's one of the days of the year where you can show your Mum/Step Mum some extra loving.  We should be loving them everyday regardless I say!!!!!

On Friday on my half day from work, I wandered in Lush at Convent Garden and was sucked into all things Lush!  I spent a small fortune.  But also bought my Mum some Mothers Day goodies so it's all good.

I won't lie I actually bought the tin I'm about to show you for myself, not realising it is in fact part of the Mothering Sunday gifts Lush have on offer. Oops!  Honestly though I am going to share some of the items with my wonderful Mummy anyway!

So this is what the tin looks like.....

I was in love when I saw the funky pattern and it's red .... always an eye catcher.  I am going to use it as the storage box for all my Lush goodies.  So what's inside you wonder?  Lets open it up!


So I'm going to ramble about each one and say a few lines so you know what the items are.  I've the numbered the picture for you to make it a little easier for you.

1... Tulip Re-UseableBubble Bar
A cute Tulip on a stick which you swirl in your bath to make a lovely bubble bath.  In Lush the sales assistant said you can get approximately 6 uses out of this.  The plus side it smell amazing...florally Bergamot and Cocoa with Vanilla.  This is £4.95 individually and is right here on the Lush site.

2... You've Been Mangoed
A personally favourite of mine and one of the main reasons I was drawn to purchasing the tin to begin with.  I love the Mango Bath Melt as it makes my skin so soft and silky.  With its essential oils and citrus aromas this is a must have for me every time.  This is £2.95 individually and is right here on the Lush site.

3... Think Pink Bath Bomb
How cute is this???? I'm a sucker for all cute things and even more so as it's pink! Pink Heart Confetti is left in the bottom of the bath which is so lovey dovey.  This is £2.45 individually and is right here on the Lush site.

4... Butterball Bath Bomb
This may be little but this shouldn't be taken lightly.  Small, musky and full of Ylang Ylang oils and smelling of yummy vanilla and cocoa this leaves your skin so soft and silky.  This is £2.40 individually and is right here on the Lush site.

5... Amandopondo Bubble Bar
This looks so pretty you don't want to break into pieces for the bath.  With the delicate rose sitting proud on top and full of even more rose scented loveliness this is a definite buy if you love all things rosy.  This is £2.65 individually and is right here on the Lush site.

6... Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar
With its cheery child like flower that reminds me of a cookie or a cupcake decorated by a small child.  This definitely has the fun and cute side covered.  Full of begamont, orange flower and mandarin this may look child like but it packs all the punches.  This is £2.90 individually and is right here on the Lush site.

7... Madame Butterfly Re-Useable
Just as the Tulip above, swirl around and around in the tub and this wand releases it's yummy flavours of  rose, lemon and geranium into the water.  This smells so good you all most don't want to use it.  This is £4.95 individually and is right here on the Lush site.

All the items in the tin I have checked with Lush and all are suitable for Vegans.  Go Lush!  In the tin Lush actually say this is a cake tin which your mummy dearest can put her baked cakes in.  So now a cake tin and 7 ....yes 7 items for the amazing price of £28.95.  If you add up the items individually it certainly is a bargain to be had.  So if you like the look of this hot foot it to Lush before they sell out!!!!

I have recorded a Lush haul for my YouTube channel which will be up this week, so stay tuned!!!
What's your favourites from Lush??
Angela xox

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