Wednesday, 22 February 2012

All about nails + NPOTW

When I'm food shopping I always, regardless if I actually need anything from that aisle end up browsing down the beauty aisle. My local Tesco stock a good range of beauty products as it's a Tesco Extra store. I just so happen to have a nose down there on my last food shopping trip and came a cross a nail polish range which I hadn't heard of before called All About Nails. All the polishes on the self cost 99p. Bargain!!! There was an array of colours from your dark blacks, blues and purples to your nude colours and even your 80's disco neon colours.

I picked up only two shades as for the other shades I felt like I already owned something similar. Would you be interested in seeing my collection? Let me know :-) Any-ho this are the two I got I will do a NPOTW post of Heather soon.  But for now I show you Bronze....

Nice....Yes I think so too!!!
Angela xox

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