Monday, 6 February 2012

Revlon Colourbust Lipbutter in Lollipop

One of my many Chicago purchases was one of the much hyped Revlon Lipbutters.  I picked up the colour Lollipop as it's slightly different from the norm for me.  I usually pick colours which are more natural looking or soft pinks.  This however has much more pop!!!

I admit that every Walgreens and CVS I came across I popped into to see if they had any of these.  Then I found some...yay!

The packaging

The packaging is simple which I like.  I adore the zig-zag quilted design and that you can see into the packaging.  The lid which I haven't pictured is clear so you can see inside.  I also like that the packaging is coloured like the product.

What it looks like in the tube

The thing about US drug stores they do not have testers (well none I saw anywhere).  So you are literally going by what it looks like in the packaging or basically blind if you can't see it.  I was lucky that I seen a number of blog posts and YouTube videos from lots of people showing their lipbutters.  Especially Fleur De Force's blog post here.

On the lips...

I love the consistency of the lipbutter, it is like a well pigmented lip balm.  It is well moisturising.  With Lollipop you can make it as light or dark as you like.  I do like to blot this on a tissue as it soooo pigmented. I think this colour is very good that you could use it in the day time and night.  Blot it for the day time and layer it up for the evening.  And all for $7.00!! Bargain!!

Final thoughts about this product is that I can't wait for these to be released in the UK.  They'll probably be a similar price at about £6.50and I can't wait to swatch all the colours....there's about 20 colours!!

Angela xox

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  1. I am so excited for these to release here. This colour looks lovely on you. This is one for my list, I can see myself owning most of the colours. x


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