Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What's in my travel makeup bag...?

So today is flying to Chicago day, and as i write this I'm currently at 38,000 feet in the air over northern Canada. I  I feel like I've been wide a wake for hours. I didn't go to sleep until 12:30am and I woke up before my alarm (agh!) at a very early 5:45am.  I did want before I left for Chicago, to film a what I packed in my travel makeup bag. Unfortunately I thought packing my suitcase was slightly more important as i was so busy all day and didn't get a chance, sorry :-( So I'm going to take advantage of the hotels Wifi and film a video on my trusty camera and show the bits and bobs I am carting to the US.

My travel makeup is quite basic, I have barely bought anything with me. Just essentials.  I'll be walking around most of the time sight seeing or shopping (naughty chuckle to myself) so I'm not too fused about a full face of makeup.  I can feel quite at home just wearing mascara, foundation, a cream shadow and a bit blush....or even nothing sometimes.  No ones going to see my dark under eye circles whilst I'm out and about.  So here's what's in my makeup bag....

 Hope you like the video, sorry the video isn't amazing.  It was filmed on my camera and I was doing it one handed whilst trying to show the items.  I'm not a PRO! Lol :-)

 Some random info; 

  •  I flew with BA from T5 in London town flight time is 8hrs40mins  
  • I bought no duty free with the exception of a iPad cover and a new pair of earphones, I bought no, yes NO beauty items....shocking! 
  • My seat number is 29b but I'm in the c seat as the guy next to me got upgraded so I got to spread out :-)
  • I'm listening to Feist the album Metals courtesy  of the BA audio system :)  
 Angela x

p.s....I wrote most of the blog whilst on the plane to kill time obviously video was filmed when I got to the hotel :-D

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