Monday, 1 August 2016

Week 6

Someone did not want to be my friend last night.  I tried my hardest to get my poor little old week six results uploaded on to my YouTube channel.  But no either my internet and/or iMovie was not playing ball!  Technology at its finest moment.  Not!  Due to video not being live, I thought I'd write a little post instead.  Fingers crossed the video will be up within the next day or so.

If you watched my week five video you will know I gained. Cracks out the Kleenex tissue box.  No use crying over it, chin up and move on I say - you can't change but learn from it. It was going to happen one day as you cannot lose weight forever (wishful thinking).  Everyone would try to lose weight if it was that easy.  Anyway in that video I said I would that lose the weight I put on and some extra... And I did just that. I lost a whole 1/2 lb extra which I am super happy about. That's 3lbs in total for the week. I kind of feel spurred on by the achievement.  Unstoppable. Fingers next week will be kind to me.

Goals for the week head are:

1// To keep my fruit intake down to at least two to three pieces a day. I will stock up on super speed veggies instead. I won't avoid fruit entirely because to be honest that can't be done. But even though fruit is full of excellent vitamins which our bodies need, too much can also expand your waist line.  Vegetables contain more water and lots of minerals where as fruit contains natural occurring sugar fructose.    Let's see how long I last without five pieces of fruit a day! Lol.

2// Complete more body magic. I really have been enjoying walking my cousins dog. A little gentle exercise with brisk walking and a little chase/run after a furry doggie is just what my body needs.  I might have to ask my cousin if I can steal her dog!  I'm sure she will not mind. 

3// Keep my syn values lower. It worked for me last week, so I will try to keep to that plan in the coming week.  Too many syns are not our friends ladies and gentlemen.  I need to find out my syns before I eat them then I will give me an idea of what values I'm eating.

Hope your week is a good one and you get the results you want!!


Angela x


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