Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Body Magic Walkies

My exercise routine normally consists of walking from room to room or a spot of gardening/house work at home.  At work it's generally walking from my desk to the photocopier/toilet/communal kitchen and back.

It is lacking.

Yes I do walk to the train station and back Monday to Friday but it's not enough to build up a sweat and get my heart beating faster by any means.  On my weekends I try to fit in something, but it can be hard - or maybe that is just an excuse I make to myself?

In comes a little dog called Chelsea.  An 8 year, full of life, Jack Russell cross to the rescue.

My cousin and her family have recently been away on holiday for two weeks and my Mum was asked to house/dog sit this little cutie.  I never really considered myself a dog person as I've only ever owned cats - I've never walked a dog in my life!  But the idea of getting out the house and giving her and myself (as well as my mum) a good old walk around the park sounded great.  I jumped on board and have really been loving the out door life.  I love long walks in the country parks near where I live any way but to incorporate walking Chelsea too feels like it's does the world of good for us both.

If you are not lucky enough to have a dog in the family you can 'borrow' for walks, there are plenty of opportunities out there with a little digging around.  There are websites like Borrow My Dog or  Waggy Walks and many many more.  In my local area you can walk retired grey hounds which is nice.

Animal shelters would welcome help also too, just look into it.  You can even try the local paper in your area and see what they advertise.  Obviously be wise and safe whilst researching however.  Go through the proper channels - stay safe!

I hope this gives you some body magic ideas?  What do you do for body magic?


Angela x

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