Friday, 19 August 2016

Keep To The Plan

I recently made my Slimming World week 9 weigh in video (see it HERE) and I maintained my weight staying at 11st7.5lbs.  It is not big deal to me to be honest as you cannot be loosing all the time, however it got me thinking I need to take another look at all my books to refresh myself.

The best way of keeping to Slimming World is to keep to the plan.  We all know the plan works and it is not restrict like some 'diets'.  We just need to stick to the tried-and-tested-plans rules as it works.  If you come to a point in your journey where you're maintaining or gaining - then it time to go back to start.

There are a few things us Slimming Worlders must remember...

// Eat all your healthy extras and be honest to yourself and weigh them out.  If you add a sneaky extra gram everyday, then by the end of the week that's a whole extra 7 grams which you should of syned.  It all adds up.

// Portion control is important.  You obviously do not have to weigh everything, but just try to have 2/3 free foods and 1/3 super speed foods.  And don't fill your plate to the point it's falling on the fall!

// Keep it lean in the meats department.  It can be easy to slip up and leave your fat on meats, but remember to remove as much of the fat as possible and buy 5% and under at the super market.

// Ketchup, mayo are just a few condiments but these have syns.  Yes you can have these on Slimming World but keep your measuring spoons handy so these are measured and syned correctly.

// Fit in body magic when you can.  Just a little bit of extra movement everyday all adds up and all goes towards the new you!  Steal a dog if you have to!  (Joke obviosuly)


Angela x


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