Thursday, 4 August 2016

Syns - Are They Worth It?

I can promise you before I get into the post, that I have not eaten any of the foods above - scouts honour.  I got the Malteaser bunny back in Easter and I still haven't given in to temptation.  Even though it has been hard to ignore the chocolate sitting in my kitchen cupboard calling my name.

Eat me Angela!

As tempting as syns might be, are they really worth it?  Yes?  No?  Perhaps?  Maybe?  I am one in millions of people on the planet who is an emotional eater.  It can be especially difficult when it is that time of the month or I feel a little low. I also eat when I am bored at work, which is not very good either. 

am a sucker when it comes to hand made baked goods, I can't say no. If people I know offer me home baked goodies I feel compelled to take it.  It feels rude not to (I was brought up too well). I mean they have gone to so much effort right??

My feelings and moods just make me want to reach for food however I do better than I used to as I have broken the cycle.  A short term sugar fix is very much out weighed by the long term goal of wanting to be healthier and fit into a smaller pair of jeans.  

There is a well known saying 'a moment on the lips a life time on the hips'.  These are words or a mantra I like to quote myself when faced with the choice of not to syn or just to dive on in.  It surprises a lot of people at Slimming World when they first join, that there is such an allowance for syn foods.  But thoughtfully the creators of Slimming World have realised us humans cannot realistically maintain a salad only lifestyle forever.  There has got to be wriggle room... so we have syns.  Yay!

To help me in a syn crises I use these motos and rules frequently:

1// Do you really need it? 
It's a simple question to ask yourself before you start to nibble your favourite biscuits. Have you had syns already today? Are you over your daily limit you set yourself? Are you wanting to eat because you're bored?  Do you really want it?  I find if I am craving something, if I go get myself a drink (of water not wine!) it is a distraction. I feel full and I don't feel like the urge to nibble any more.  Or I'll try to do something to occupy myself. 

2// How will it make you feel afterwards?
At the time of eating said treats it might make you feel satisfied, but satisfaction is no doubt followed by guilt.  We build ourselves up with this 'yes I really want it, got a have it' attitude. We eat it, then it's like an adrenaline rush. You come down from the high and literally feel full of guilt. And If you're full of guilt you are more likely to feel the urge to eat more bad things if you're a comfort eater like myself. 

3// Give it a sniff!
Might sound weird to sniff naughty foods, but I find sometimes this is enough for me. When my work colleagues stuffed their faces with McDonald's recently, I merely popped my nose and sniffed their brown greasy bags and I actually felt OK with that.  It was enough for me. Mentally I felt like I'd eaten it myself by smelling it. This can be difficult if your will power is not strong but try it. You might be surprised. 

4// Just have one
When someone is waving freshly baked cookies under your nose and you've had no syns for that day. Say to yourself 'just one' and take one. When they come round later offering more, simply say no thank you I had one earlier.  I have a strong will power most of the time, but on occasion I will just have one and It's OK.  

I hope this help you. 

Angela x

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