Saturday, 30 July 2016

Slimming World Pancakes

Usually when it is a work day I will have over night oats or all bran for my breakfast.  Same old thing every day, as it is easy to take to work and eat it at my desk.  However as today is a-stay-at-home-and-be-lazy Saturday, I can spend as much time as I like making a yummy breakfast.  I opted for pancakes obviously. Yippee!

If you want to follow along and have these too then you will need...

35g of plain oats
1 TSP of vanilla extract
medium eggs
2 TBSP of muller light yogurt (I'm using vanilla with dark chocolate)
Stevia sachet or a TSP for sweetness

This easy recipe which literally takes no time at all to prep (and eat).  Here's what you do.

1// Weigh out your oats then add them in to your blender cup (I use the nutribullet) a long with two beaten eggs, vanilla extract, stevia and muller light - then blend it all up until smooth.  If you want to make it more textured, don't over blend.

2// Whilst your ingredients are whizzing up - spray Fry light in to a frying pan (you want the pan to be hot hot hot before adding mixture).

3// Pour in mixture.  You can either make lots if little bite sized pancakes or three medium (or one giant one).  Depends what takes your fancy.

4// You will be able to tell it's cooking when the texture of the pancake begins to solidify and small bubbles appear.  When this happens use a fish slice and flip it and cook for a further minute.

Helpful tip: when you go to make the next pancake spray the fry light again, as the pan would of dried out.  Don't want your pancake to stick do we?

Now you're done, eat them straight away with some fruit on top.  I added half a banana and some muller light. 


Angela x

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